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Hello !

Welcome in my world of music.

I make Music with:

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– We The People From No Man’s Land

– Studio musician –


Nothing Else” – OLIVER

Composed by: OLIVER

Vocals & keys: Kars Grit – Guitar: Angelo Bombrini – Bas: Michel Henquet – Drums: Melvin Hardin

Recorded, Mix & Produced by Gino Bombrini


Director: Angelo Bombrini

Cinematographer: Mick Vogels

Art Director: Katrin Henss

“So Proud” – Lotte Walda for  SP Heerlen

Composed by: Kars Grit & Lotte Walda

Guitar: Pieter Vermeulen – Bas: Michel Henquet – Drums: Bas Lindelauf – B.vocals & keys: Kars Grit

Percussion: Massimo Bombrini – Guitar & b.vocals & production: Angelo Bombrini

Recording & mix: Angelo Bombrini @Huskystudio

Short Movie made by DOOP with music from SUBP YAO. Thanks to NTAN


Crossroads – Dutch movie

Audio production: Mark Putz from cosmicorchestra.nl

I played acc guitar, and slide guitar on.

Vocal : Marijn van der Meer (HAEVN)

Green Dream

Audio Engineer

Past :

Studio mix

Wait for Nothing – USA
Gordon Smith – NL
The Stereotypes -NL
Zalm Rose – NL
Volumia – NL
Chip Taylor – USA
Milford Milligan – USA
Heather Miles – USA
Morgan Herritage – USA
JW Roy and the One NIght Band – NL
Miss Lillian – NL
Wicked Willy – NL
Bahia Linda – NL
Jack Vinders – NL
Ballrooms and Fancy Wines – NL
Circo Di Sento – NL
Treble – NL
Boris – NL
Volle Gaas – NL
Ummer D’r Neaver – NL
Stiff – NL
Mo – Joe – NL
Green Dream – NL
Nightmare On Helmstreet – NL
Army Of Darkness – USA
Blue Band – NL
Sold Out – NL
Ramses – NL
Esther en Stefani – NL
Honky Soul – NL
Gail Of God – NL
Rock 4 – NL
Jong Nederland – NL
Gypsy Swing Quintet – NL
D’r Lei Va Kaalhei – NL
Double W Hammer – NL
Les Femmes – NL
Andre Rieu – NL
Backfield – NL
Alexander Petrasj – NL
Kaza – NL
Roger Moreno & Carla – NL
Blue Z – NL
Brasil 4 – NL
Taz – NL
Miserabel – NL
Willy Murphy – USA
Maaskapelle – NL
Leff – NL
Marlentica – NL
Frans Croonenberg – NL
Kartoesj – NL
Ronald Pijls – NL
Violet’s Tale – NL
Geoff Wyld – NL
Grooved Approved – NL
Aïcha Cherif – NL

Live mix

Limburgse Cultuur prijs
LVK Venlo
Boetezitting Venlo
North Sea Jazz
L1 Sport Gala
Suddenly Cult
Cooder Connection
Red Blood
Swing Design
Sold Out
Final Virus
Gypsy Swing Quintet
Circo Di Sento
Rowwen Haeze
Wicked Willy
Bahia Linda
Purple Ona Gazona
Ummer D’r Naever
Roll The Bones
Army Of Darkness
Lotte Walda – NL

Audio Edit

L1 Radio & TV – DVD
Opera Bellida – CD
Marlstone – DVD

Video Edit

Benny Neyman clip
Green Dream clip